SMT / DIP Lines

Goldkey understands customers’ urgent need for accelerated product development, and is committed to meeting tight deadlines for providing product samples and fulfilling production orders. To help our customers meet their production goals, we have a dedicated sample surface-mount technology (SMT) production line, high-speed SMT lines and lead-free dual in-line package (DIP) lines

Query System (Monitor Vendor Price/Quality/Delivery)

Goldkey uses query tools for report development and management. Goldkey is able to optimize management of suppliers and provide immediate product/component pricing information. Goldkey meets customer demands for product customization more effectively with our ISO standard quality management system.

Factory Floor Control

Goldkey manages factory floor in real-time. This includes production monitoring, information integration, and production management throughout the production process. Our system is used to provide real-time labor and production reporting, optimizes on-time completions, evaluate manufacturing workload, determine needed capacity, and track performance.


Goldkey products are manufactured using automated free flow conveyor assembly line. This maximizes speed and flexibility when producing multiple, simultaneous custom production runs. This conveyor system can be further split into a few assembly lines.

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