Pilot run . Assembly Procedure . Test Procedure

Following successful evaluation of Design and Validation, Goldkey conducts manufacture pilot runs as a final semblance of the finished mass-producible product. For the benefit to SI/ODM customers, Goldkey establishes SOP for assembly and testing of products with which the customers use as part of their own internal procedures in pre and post sales to their customers.

Clean Room

Clean Room Products are manufactured under clean room environment to minimizing contamination bonding processes. This guarantees the highest level of quality during the manufacturing process. Goldkey clean rooms conform to the following classifications:

  • SMT : Up to Class 100,000
  • Clean Room Assembly : Class 10,000
  • Clean Bench : Class 1,000

Burn-in testing is conducted to ensure the quality and reliability of all Goldkey products.
Burn-in is designed to test for consistent product performance without failure in a normal working environment. Burn-in duration for SI/ODM Products is based on customer requirements

RoHS Guarantee

Goldkey is committed to protecting the environment, staff, and customers. All our products are specified and tested for 100% Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) compliance. The RoHS Directive was adopted to reduce waste management problems associated with hazardous materials. Goldkey is proud to make RoHS compliant products that enable SI/ODM customers’ business to possessing an environment-friendly element.

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