Prototype . Placement

Following Planning Stage, our engineers build several prototypes of different plausible designs. Each prototype conforming to paper-spec requirements. Co-working with component vendors, care is taken to assuring components operate in-unison as a complete product. This includes placements, circuit line widths, PCB layers to use to achieving desired operating requirements. Thus providing SI/ODM customers slightly different options to fulfilling and exceeding specifications with each prototype having its slightly different strengths.

Layout Review . Schematic Review

Often there are situations where SI/ODM customers would select the prototype of choice and wish to include additional specifications. Under such circumstances, Goldkey goes into action to refining component layout or schematics and Goldkey communicates closely with customer on the intrinsic pros and cons of meeting such requirements, thereby maintaining consistent expectations.

Test Report

In-depth test reports are generated for both Goldkey and customers for filing, declaring operating capability of prototypes and products, limitations and lifecycles, amongst other variables. As each SI/ODM customer has different specifications, test reports are generated based on their specificality.

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